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A Daily Journey

Self-Discovery: A Daily Journey is the epitome of how we should embrace each day with the mindset of becoming better from trials, tribulations and the pains of life. Upon tapping into the mindset and understanding that we are capable of change, realignment and readjustment, a mental shift should begin. When we know better, we do better. Therefore, as we walk life's journey, it is expected that we mature mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so we can grow into all that we are destined to be "extraordinary" and set apart. Hence, learning to embrace life to the fullest without lack. "Pain is Life's Greatest Teacher".

"Self-Discovery Moment" “No longer be ashamed of your mental illness. Stand in boldness, embracing your truth and break the stigma that is attached by sharing and speaking about your mental health journey.”

The Georgia COVID-19 Emotional Support Line provides 24/7 free and confidential assistance to callers needing emotional support or resource information as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emotional Support Line is staffed by volunteers, including mental health professionals and others who have received training in crisis counseling. Call 866-399-8938. See flyer for additional resources information.

Venessa Dean Abram MBA, CPS, WHAM, CRM, QPR Professional Skills

Self-Discovery with Venessa

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Radio Personality for Steel City Gospel Radio-Gary, Indiana

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Knowledge is power as we join forces to “Stop Suicide” and “Bullying” resulting in mental health awareness. Become educated below.

NAMI National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Stop Bullying on the Spot Time To Change Community Resilience Model Training
united suicide survivors international
Suicide Prevention
Veterans Crisis Line
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Our Mission

Self-Discovery: Pain, Positioning and Purpose, Inc. ™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization raising awareness on mental illness, bullying and suicide prevention.



Stop the stigma around mental illness and stop suicide.