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No Silence, No Shame, No Stigma, No Suicide..

I highly recommend this anointed woman of faith and power. She has totally revolutionized my life in a very short time. She is led and filled with the Holy Spirit. Her guidance has helped me peel back the layers of bondage that kept me stagnant. I now have a renewed mindset. She has encouraged me to embrace and love myself unconditionally. Our coaching sessions have helped me to discover God’s Purpose. I walk with confidence accepting and happy with who I am feeling whole and complete in Christ.

– A. Williams

Venessa Abram is all about helping others not be ashamed of suicidal thoughts but to understand that many of us have felt the same and took the steps to maintain our best normal.

– A. Washington

I recommend this Mighty Woman of God because she is bold, authentic, and transparent. I can see and feel that she is passionate about her purpose and that her journey/experience is one that she has lived and learned. I can feel her heart and that her heart is where Our Heavenly Father’s heart is (for His people). I believe Self-Discovery is the first thing that a person needs to know before they know anything else and I support my Sister’s purpose and mission in enlightening and educating as many as she can on this journey.

– J. A. Knight

Venessa is a gifted woman of God who encourages and supports others while educating them about suicide prevention. She advocates for the voiceless while eliminating the stigma of mental illness.

– A. Landry-Brown

On August 11,2018 Enola Dean invited me to a Conference. All she said it is a Mental Health Conference that would be in New Orleans. I was running a little late on first speaker I felt the holy spirit in the place as I listened. The second speaker was Tour Visionary, Venessa Abram, as she begins to speak, I felt the Holy Spirit and became emotional. I was thinking to myself didn’t know were having church. The title was Pain, Positioning & Purpose. I learned that I have to go through Pain so God can Position me to find my Purpose in Life. I also learned that I have to Self-Discover who I am all over again in my life. Thank you, Jesus, from blessing me with the book also from sending Venessa Abram in my life.

– Suzie

As a Panelist, Venessa you chose to share your expertise and personal testimonies with the Community and Kappa Omega is truly grateful! Thank you so much for your support of our AKA/NAMI event. All of your comments were so on point which became evident during the question and answer portion of the program. The evaluation results were extremely positive, rating the event as “excellent”. The comments on the forms, however, told the story better – some acknowledged they may need help and would seek help as a result of your presentations. Lastly, thank you for providing an environment where I could join the conversation. It felt good! Thank you for all you do to educate our community on mental illness so that we can have striven toward improved mental health.

– Alpha Kappa Alpha – Atlanta

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! That is all that we can say. We cannot thank you enough for giving of yourself and spending your Saturday with Psi Alpha Omega as a presenter at the “Healthy Minds Matter” Forum. We have received such great feedback from the attendees; and we have heard them loud and clear that they want more of these types of educational opportunities on these topics. In that vein, we are going to try to plan a Part II down the line after the summer break. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION.

– Psi Alpha Omega Chapter Mental Health Committee – Atlanta

Venessa, I wanted to sincerely thank you for serving as our guest speaker for our Community Gathering. Your willingness to share your time and expertise in the area of: Depression, Mental Health, and Suicide was beyond amazing but imperative to the population we serve. Our residents felt connected and genuinely embrace your authenticity. We are all grateful and elated you took time out of your busy agenda to provide us with awareness, education, and most importantly knowledge. Our residents were empowered with hope to embark on their passion/talents through, “ Self-Discovery”. After the meeting and earlier this morning several residents have inquired about becoming affiliated with NAMI. Your speech sparked the brain in which I see changes coming for the better in our residents. Additionally, you motivated me personally to do more in our community as a whole. I would be thankful if I could discuss more with you? I know I have a spiritual calling in the field I am currently in. I have informed my colleagues regarding your tremendous work you do with our agency, in the community, and on a national platform. Hopefully they will reach out to you for an upcoming event. They have over 300 plus residents and the entire program is one of your biggest supporters. Once again, thanks for all you do.

– Atlanta Community Program Manager

Your words and boldness penetrated my heart and soul…it sounded like you had walked in my shoes for a day… you said all of my secrets out loud…I’m so proud of you and your courage to help change the heart and face of mental illness…wow… I was crying because I felt free on another level…wow…you are amazing and a breath of fresh air…you are taking back your life one word at a time…one person at a time…thank you…I’ve dealt with my mental issues since 2003 and by the grace of God I’m still here…love you my friend… whatever way I can assist you I will…God bless you.

– C. Everett

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