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Venessa D. Anderson-Abram MBA, CPS, WH, WRAP, QPR, CRM, YMHFA, AMHFAVisionary/Suicide Survivor/Sibling Survivor/ E. D. Email Venessa D. Anderson-Abram

Empowered by her own experiences, Venessa D. Anderson-Abram founded the organization with one goal in mind: to put an end to suicide. Since that decision, this multi-award-winning author, mental health advocate, professional speaker, coach, and master of training and development has been instrumental in putting the organization on the map.

Venessa D. Anderson-Abram has been responsible for the forging of numerous partnerships responsible for an increase in the organization’s growth, funding, reach, and international integration and recognition. Venessa D. Anderson-Abram has also organized, hosted, and participated in several public events and forums both in-person and online, focusing on topics such as mental illness, bullying, racism, spirituality, domestic violence, suicide, suicide prevention, and more.

Hosting numerous speaking events and appearing as a guest speaker, Venessa D. Anderson-Abram has shared her experiences, perspectives, and testimonies, which have touched the hearts and minds of tens of thousands. Her impact, both personally and through the organization, resonates with her audience as someone who has experienced, who has overcome, and wishes to help others do the same.

She continues to work tirelessly, ensuring the mission is carried out with love, support, and efficiency so as to ensure the safety and well-being of our people are preserved. She continues to learn, grow, and partner with others all in the name of achieving the goal which started her journey: to put an end to suicide.

Fatima Ahsan Executive Manager

Fatima is the Executive Manager of SD PPP Inc. She manages and overlooks all the administrative functions of the organization. She also maintains social media and the design department of the incorporation. Moved by the mission of our organization, our energy, our team and the work we do, Fatima is excellent in arranging executive meetings, and screen all executive correspondence. She offers a unique skill set that makes her a very valuable part of the organization. She maintains her virtual office from Lahore, Pakistan.

Aaron Ballantyne
Aaron Ballantyne Administrative Manager

By profession, Aaron is a writer, but his work extends to various areas of the SD-PPP mission. Most consistently known as Author and Distributor of the SD-PPP monthly newsletter, Aaron also contributes to numerous written, administrative and organizational elements of our organization including but not limited to document preparation, sponsorship initiative review, sponsorship ideation and various administrative duties. Moved by the mission of our organization, our energy, our team and the work we do, Aaron earnestly offers himself in an effort to make a difference with his experience, his writing skills and capabilities. He has not only been an invaluable asset to our organization, but has brought a vibrant, insightful energy to our environment and workspace (all the way from Kingston, Jamaica).

Self-Discovery PPP Inc. Board of Directors

SD PPP INC is responsible for the organization’s vision, mission and for providing leadership and strategic direction. They set policy and ensure that SD PPP, Inc has adequate resources to carry out its mission. As a group of volunteers and as representatives of the community, they are charged with upholding the public interest of those served by SD PPP Inc.

Board of Directors – Officers



Honorary Board Members

Deceased Honorary Board Member

  • Randolph Davison, Jr.SFC Randolph Davison, Jr. U. S. Army Decorated Veteran

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