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Paula Thornton-Campbell is a wife, mother, Realtor published author and Mental Health Awareness Advocate. Her personal battle with mental health began as a teenager when she was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after witnessing the murder of her sister. She wasted no time sharing her story through publication in the esteemed Essence magazine. Her most recent work is shared in the anthology “Mommys Mental Health” by Vanessa Abram. Highlighting depression she has been a panel speaker in Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA and Durham, NC. Her initial platform was Atlanta’s renowned Women Empowerment Conference(WEN) founded by Lisa Nicole. It is through her battle with depression that she informs and educates on the seriousness of the growing epidemic of mental illness. Silencing the stigma is at the core of her plight. Her mantra “please turn down the silence” speaks to unspoken and unheard conversations concerning mental well being.