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Paul Posey

Retired Gunnery Sergeant and a Disabled Veteran, Paul Andre Posey was born and raised in Gary, IN. we here lived with his mother and four siblings. While in the Marines Paul held diverse types of Military Occupations to include Infantryman, Basic Electrician, Electrical Mechanic, Weapons Instructor, Utilities Chief, and a Marine Recruiter. Which allowed him to serve in both air and ground units, coast to coast and on four continents. Over time, Life began to take its toll on Paul’s mental health through the extreme stress of his career and home life. In 2006, he began showing signs of PTSD, anxiety, and depression, he later retired after 23 years of honorable service and moved to Locust Grove, GA. It was not until October 2016; he began getting much needed help by seeking professional counseling for his mental health issues. He found much needed peace and a renewed kinship with his family. Through the help of therapy Paul has authored of fifteen books in the support of Men’s growth and family unity. Some of the books on Amazon are as followed; “I am My Own Dad,” “Unloved,” and “Do You Want to See Your Daughter?” and twelve other books designed to help with repair the crack in the armor of family. In 2017, Paul opened the doors to NEG2POS.LLC a photography company where he has found peace capturing memories and smiles for his clients. Today, his photography gives him instant gratification with every “Click Boom!!”

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