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June is all about consolidating the health of Men in our lives. It revolves around encouraging the men out there to take proper care of their health and well-being. This can be achieved by keeping a check and balance on the diet and daily exercise. The ‘’Blue ribbon’’ symbolizes the official avatar for this special month which brings awareness for the early detection, prevention and treatment of diseases, before they take a toll.

One very prominent issue these days is understanding suicide in men. The percentage of males who take their own life through suicide has steadily risen over the past few years. According to research, men are much more likely to die by suicide than their counterparts. The 10th leading cause of death is suicide and it was the 7th leading cause till 2015. It has become a very concerning problem worldwide.

Let’s discuss some important things regarding suicide among men and what can be done on a personal level for our loved ones.


The traditional male-gender roles makes it very hard for men to emotionally express themselves. The build-up of anxiety and emotions takes a serious toll on an individual’s mental health and ultimately results in self-harm. The requirement of ‘being tough’ from men makes it impossible to seek any help. Men don’t really open up to their doctors regarding depression as well. They’ll either mask it as stress or pressure in the workspace or relationships.

Some of the risk factors which leads to suicide are the minor and major inconveniences in life and a failure to cope up with them. The most common factors are;

  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Divorce
  • Unemployment and unable to cope up with the debts
  • Losing a dear one
  • Mental illness, most prominently relating to depression
  • Being socially isolated and living alone
  • Drug abuse as a means of a quick escape from reality
  • Some sort of guilt or shame


Suicide prevention is the prime priority in the current era. And the ratio of suicide attempts needs to be scaled down for both the individuals and communities.

Looking out for signs of Depression: Men who are depressed often exhibit signs of irritation, social isolation, loss of interest, physical aches and complaints, hazardous conduct, alcohol and drug abuse, and an inability to complete routine daily chores. It’s very important to be conscious of the individuals showing these symptoms.

Offer support: Ask what you can do to help if you see any signs of depression and let your loved ones know that you are available to listen and support them. Lend them a hearing ear and sit with them. Offer them a shoulder to cry on and vent out their emotions.

Taking notice of the signs: Avoid laughing off or minimising remarks that allude to suicide thoughts or actions. Encourage them to speak with their doctor or therapist if you overhear suicidal conversation or sentiments. Be there for the people in your life. Everyone matters.


Men are in crisis; they are killing themselves in great numbers, yet most people are still oblivious of the alarming figures.            Since society has portrayed a very vexed face for the masculine in our lives.

It’s a gentle reminder for the men out there to be expressive about their feelings and emotions. Let it out. Talk. We’re here to support you!

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