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National Health Center Week (NHCW) is August 8th – 14th 2021. This event has been going on for more than 35 years and National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) sponsors it.

Numerous people live in distant and underserved areas, with major absence of proper healthcare facilities. Health centers provide cost-effective and efficient care with the increased access to timely primary care. A board array of services is offered by the centers, such as, preventive and diagnostic care with increased management of chronic diseases. Efforts of community health centers greatly reduce the mortality rate and collectively lessen incidences of depression.

Health centers in a community not only prevent illnesses but also strive to provide solutions for the most pressing healthcare problems. In the United States, where medical care has not expanded for the low-income population, community health centers are the main care providers for the people with no source of income and for uninsured adults. These community centers go way beyond traditional medical care, and address deeper health factors such as mental illness and lack of nutrition.

The NHCW website mentions two goals associated with this week:

  • To enhance the profile and visibility of Community, Homeless, Migrants, and Public Housing Centers.
  • To build support for the health center initiatives and develop community pride.

This week is a great opportunity for the community health centers to raise awareness and speak out about the story of their community-based care model. Health centers work to develop and carry out activities with Primary Care Associations and health centers of their State. Health centers can also provide with the volunteers support from the community to conduct events. Help and sponsorships can be solicited from the private business sector.

Even if health centers in your area does not plan to organize an event, you can step up and encourage your community and local newspaper to write a story focusing on awareness about the services provided by these health centers. Awareness on psychosocial rehabilitation services should be considered so that the screening of patients for the mental health illnesses and their admission to State mental health facilities can be determined.

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