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SDP3 February Blog

In the present times, every individual is going through an uninvited suffering or battle. Keeping that in mind, there is no harm in bringing ease to people lives by just being kind. Kindness is a quality of being kind to others, which is putting other people needs before your own. The act of kindness is not measured by its width or length, even your little acts count. February is the month dedicated to exercise acts of kindness with the intention to make them part of your life permanently. Science proves that acts of kindness are beneficial in improving health of those performing those acts, as well as people witnessing and receiving them. Physical health benefits include low blood pressure, improved heart health and relatively longer life. Mental health benefits include an increased feeling of belonging and compassion for others, decreased blood pressure and cortisol level, better mood, improved self-esteem, and self-satisfaction. Additionally, acts of kindness may impact your mental health in the following ways:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety– Simple acts of kindness releases an oxytocin hormone which puts you in a happy mood. Oxytocin tends to boost self-esteem and encourages optimism. With the release of this hormone (oxytocin), level of cortisol hormone (which is a stress hormone) decreases to a greater level. 
  • Boosts Resiliency– A sense of happiness and calm that comes with just witnessing acts of kindness improves resiliency. Boosted immunity enables body to catch enough strength to repel diseases coming its way. The body responds to tough situations by releasing serotonin hormone which regulates mood and builds resilience.
  • Sense of pleasure– Kindness releases endorphins hormone in body that gives sense of pleasure and happiness. Therefore, the giver feels the need of regaining that pleasure by repeating those acts.   
  • Relief from depression and greater well-being– Money can buy your needs but it cannot buy your peace. Feeling for others automatically sows a seed of self-realization and satisfaction. It improves your mental as well as physical health. One starts to see life with a positive angle and accepts pain that comes with it.

Acts of Kindness you can exercise everyday:

  1. Ask people around you about their day
  2. Offer to play with kids
  3. Send a generous text to people
  4. Randomly take burden for others
  5. Allow your friends, colleagues or relatives to rely on you when they are in trouble
  6. Tell someone how great they are and you are proud of them
  7. Make donations and participate in charity programs
  8. Guide someone directions on road
  9. Pick garbage from the street
  10. Feed animals
  11. Pay for someone else’s meal


A day in February is dedicated to celebrate World Cancer Day, to spread awareness about impact of cancer on mental health of the victim and victim’s family. Cancer is a life threatening disease that along with your body affects your mental health too. From the diagnosis till throughout the treatment, victim experiences significant changes in emotional and mental health. Feeling of stress, anxiousness, fearfulness and hopelessness are some common emotional repercussions evidently seen.

Cancer and the backlash in mental health, both are treatable. It is better to get cancer diagnosed at its earlier stage than latter ones. Many people are unaware of the depression that comes along with cancer nor do they take any treatment for it, this results in worsening cancer itself.

People with Mental Health Conditions along with Cancer:

  • One-third people suffering with cancer have a common mental health condition.
  • 8-24% of people with cancer are struggling with state of depression.
  • Young people are at greater risk for mental health conditions than adults with cancer.

People with Cancer and Mental Health facing barrier for care:

The main reason why cancer victims do not get help for their mental health is the confusing symptoms. Cancer and depression/anxiety both have shared symptoms like fatigue, lack of sleep and loss of appetite. This can prove to be dangerous when it comes to figuring out right reaction towards these symptoms, i.e. whether to project cancer treatment or treat mental health. Cancer care teams lack skills to differentiate mental health conditions. Some take mental health as secondary and do not seek help even when they desperately need it.

Negative impact of Mental Health condition over Cancer victim:

Depression worsens condition of cancer patients. Cancer victims tend to compromise their regular on-going treatment plan or recommended preventions. For example they miss therapy sessions, increase alcohol intake or miss regular exercise. People with persistent mental illness, dementia or who intake substance, are less likely to survive after cancer diagnosis.

Treating Mental Health and improved Survival Rate:

Taking help from professionals for the treatment of mental health can result in positive changes in victim’s mental and physical health. Although, people with fewer symptoms of depression have greater survival chances than those with more symptoms. Talk to your doctor immediately for the possible treatment, if you think you might be showing signs of a disturbed mental health.

Mental Health Screening:

Getting your mental health screened every week or month is important, especially if you are suffering with a disease like cancer. Screening is easy, inexpensive and quick, there’s no need to set up an appointment with your doctor.

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